Fresh Mediterranean Sea Bass

Fresh Mediterranean Sea Bass

Mediterranean Sea Bass… the preference of sea enthusiasts in attentive dinner tables.

An elegant way to extend the enjoyment on the table by combining a nice chat with flavor is decorating the plates with a Mediterranean Sea Bass cooked as a whole.

Mediterranean Sea Bass fillets on the other hand, is a great option for those who have limited time.

Instructions for Use: Various types of cooking, (oven, grill, pan, salt) can be applied.

Nutrition facts: Mediterranean Sea Bass is a good source of protein. It is also an Omega3-rich product.

Ingredients Mediterranean Sea Bass
Weight 100/200 ;200/300; 300/400; 400/600; 600/800; 800/1000 g/piece.
Shelf life Fresh: 14 days
Frozen:18 months
Nutritional Facts (for 100g) Energy: 483 kJ (114 kcal)
Fat: 2,47
– Saturated fatty acid: 0,54 g
– polyunsaturated fatty acid: 0,83 g
– monounsaturated fatty acid: 1,10 g
Carbohydrate: < 1 g
Protein: 22,25 g
Sodium: 0.05 g
Salt: 0.12 g
Fiber: 0 g
Packaging EPS packages (6,10 kg); Cardboard

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