Kılıç Taste On Your Plate > Crispy Fish With Sesame

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Preparing time: 15 minutes

4 servings

Necessary materials:

2 pieces of Bream fillet
1 glass of flour
1 glass of bread crumbs
3 spoonful of sesame
1 teaspoonful of powdered red pepper
1 egg
Plenty of oil for frying

  • Cut fish fillets into long, one finger thick strips. Place the flour and bread crumbs into separate plates. Add salt into the flour, and sesame and powdered red pepper into the breadcrumbs. Crack the egg into a plate and whip it thoroughly.
  • Roll the fish strips first in the flour, then in the egg, and finally the breadcrumbs and sesame mix. Then line them on a piece of paper towel. After you complete this step, leave the fish strips to rest for 10 minutes.

Heat plenty of oil in the frying pan or prepare the deep fryer. Immerse the breaded fish strips into the heated oil and cook until they get crispy. Serve hot with pan fried potatoes. If you wish, they can also be served on a bed of greens salad.