Kılıç Taste On Your Plate > Canapés With Bass Pate

Cooking time:

Preparing time: 20 minutes


Resting time: 2 hours
2 pieces of bass
1 onion
1 dessert spoonful of black pepper seeds
1 teaspoonful of salt
1 laurel leaf
1 glass of breadcrumbs
Half a bunch of finely sliced fresh rocket
100 gr fresh whey cheese
1 spoonful of mayonnaise
1 clove of garlic
2 spoonful of extra virgin olive oil
1 coffee cupful of fish stock

For variations:
1 bunch of basil
1 coffee cupful of ground walnut
1 dessert spoonful of pepper paste
1 dessert spoonful of chili pepper
5-6 pieces of green olive
1 dessert spoonful of caper


  1. Put the fish into boiling water and add a very small amount of salt. Boil along with one whole peeled onion, laurel leaf and black pepper seeds, and set the fish apart to cool down. Strain and set apart the boiling stock.
  2. Remove the skin and bones of fish. Mix with breadcrumbs, rocket, cheese, parsley, mashed garlic and olive oil and mince in a rondo (until it reaches puree consistency). Slowly add fish stock until the mixture reaches the consistency of a pate that can be used as a spread.
  3. Equally divide the pate mixture into 4 bowls. Add and mix ground walnuts into one. Add and mix pepper paste and chili pepper into the second. Add and mix rondo minced green olives and caper in the third. And finally add basil into the fourth and re-mince in the rondo.
  4. Cover the pates with stretch film and leave to rest in the fridge for 2 hours. Spread on toasted bread and serve.